Taking Care of Business

Day 155 in my walk towards Mickey

Ahhh..there is nothing like a day off.  I slept in.  Then when I finally woke up I laid in bed and read my newest book on Kindle for an hour.  Sheer bliss!

My plan for today is to take care of things around the house.

  1. I started a huge pile of laundry, which I haven’t gotten to for a month.
  2. Then Mike and I put together the “Christmas Eve” spaghetti to have with the kids tomorrow.  On Christmas Eve we were spread across the country.  So then we planned to have it on New Year’s Day, but Mike and I were so sick we couldn’t even think about it.  So tomorrow is the day.  We will throw caution to the wind and have Christmas Eve spaghetti and New Year’s Eve Egg Nog.  Not calorie friendly, but a once a year indulgence.
  3. Load two of laundry coming right up.
  4. Then I will straighten up and vacuum the living room for tomorrow.

When that’s done, I may just watch a movie or go up and read more of my book.  It’s getting pretty good now.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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