Facing the Music

Day 147 in my disco-dance to Disney and my marvelous mate (the British word: mate, as in friend) Mickey.

Today’s plan was to assess the damages.  Now that the holidays are behind me, I had to face the music.  Yes, I was careful, more careful than I have ever been during the holidays.  BUT I was far from perfect.  So I bucked up my courage and stepped on the scale this morning.  After all, I need to know where I am, so I can dig back in, right?  I was so nervous.  Would this be my first gain in nearly 5 months?  Would I step off the scale in tears after swearing up a storm?  Would I have to break out the next size up…again?

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles…I actually lost weight over the holidays!  Woo hoo!!!  Now I am down 36.8 pounds from the beginning.  That’s another 3.5 pounds since I weighed myself on December 11.

I am so chuffed.  It makes me want to keep on keeping on.  So come on 2015, let’s dance!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


8 thoughts on “Facing the Music”

  1. That is great. Gary has lost almost 25 lbs since in the hospital. Isn’t that great but what a way to do it. Better get busy here. Ready for church, haven’t been in 3 weeks so I have to get back in the swing of things now. Cold and windy here today. love tt


  2. Another milestone! You are doing so well, and if I didn’t love you I would be envious. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


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