Settin’ Up and Sweatin’ Up

Day 131 in my physical endeavors to get into better shape to meet Mickey in October at the Magic Kingdom

My plan for today is to be as good a servant as I can be in a physical way.  So, I went into the sanctuary and set up Damascus Road, our contemporary band, for our big blow-out Lessons and Carols service this Sunday.  It took a very long time, because our chairs and some of our equipment had been used for the Christmas pageant last Sunday and for the brass group to rehearse on Monday and for Advent Vespers last night.  It was sweaty, physical labor, and it felt good to do the work.  Then I set up St. James Brass for Sunday.  It was only four chairs and four music stands, but the stands were all over the building, so it took quite a bit of walking and looking.  Again it was sweaty, physical labor.  Later today I will help the pastor add chairs to the sanctuary for Sunday.  Lessons and Carols is one of our most highly attended services of the year.  (Coming in third after Christmas Eve and Easter)

That will be plenty for today.  🙂  Meet you at the Kingdom!



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