Motivated at the Mundane Today

Day 107 in my motion toward Mickey.

Today’s plan is to be active at the office.  I will:

  1. Set up a table and set up the display of the Advent devotionals in the church narthex.  FYI: The narthex is the entrance room to the church building.
  2. Put away the boxes of paper that were delivered to the office weeks ago and have been cluttering up my work space.
  3. Service the coffee machine.  Check coffee, decaf and chocolate supplies and top up the machine.  Check the water supply and restock the cups.
  4. Tidy up the ushers stand, print and put out the attendance sheets for Sundays, Advent and Christmas.
  5. I will walk to my work partners’ offices with messages and questions today, rather than emailing or phoning them.
  6. I will find a home for some Women of St. James files and items that came into the office today.
  7. And whatever else I can think of to keep moving.

The day will be a feel-good-about-my-moving day. And I, dear readers, will meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: For some reason Old Key West is really calling my name today.  I just LURV that place!  🙂


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