Packing for Success

Day 103 in my marathon to better moves for meeting Mickey

Today’s plan is to pack for success.  Mike and I are going away for a few days with our very dear friends and our very dear son and daughter-in-law.  So today I will pack in such a way as to improve my chances of staying the game.

  1. I will pack my swim suit and hope to get into the pool at least twice while we’re away.
  2. I will pack some sensible snacks for the townhouse in which we will be staying.  (yogurt and fruit, for sure, and maybe even some Skinny Pop for an extra treat)  Do you know Skinny Pop?  It’s a great story and a delicious, low-cal treat.  (Thanks for doing an article on it, Jake!)
  3. I will pack good walking shoes, so when we walk around looking in the shops in town, my feet will be up for the game.
  4. And since this is the Great White North, I will wear a warm winter coat, gloves, scarf and hat.  Sheesh!  What a winter…already!

I will do my best to blog while we’re away, but it all depends on if they have good wi-fi.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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