A Bum Peg

Day 95 as I sashay toward Mickey

Best laid plans, people, best laid plans…Last Sunday I spent 2 hours walking and shopping at Sam’s Club.  In the process I lifted some pretty big and heavy things into and then out of my cart.  (Aren’t most things that you buy at Sam’s Club big and heavy?)  Then on Monday I helped load up a minivan with food for a homeless shelter.  Again, some of that was very heavy stuff.

Well, yesterday the effort came home.  My left knee is pretty swollen and wracked up.  It wasn’t too bad when I left for work yesterday, so I left my cane at home.  By the time I got through the day and back home, I was in excruciating pain.  I popped some Alleve, plopped into my recliner and elevated my leg.  Mike waited on me all night, like the champion he is.

Thank God, the leg is not so sore today.  However, I brought my cane to work anyway and loaded up with Motrin before I left for work this morning.

So, here’s today’s plan: I will pamper my leg and not do anything too taxing today.  I will however do “sit down” Tai Chi when I get home.  It will help to alleviate the work-day stress, while not putting any pressure on my sore peg*.   (*See BTW below)

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW:  My great-grandfather had a peg-leg, because he lost a leg in WWI.  (The war to end all wars…really?)  That’s why my mother, whose given name was Elizabeth, was nicknamed Peggy.  She would walk around behind her grandfather imitating his walk.  Today, I am imitating them both.  🙂


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