Respectable Rewards

Day 55 in my pilgrimage to the Magic Land of Mickey

What a wonderful, joyous day, dear readers.  My daughter Emi is here, so we went in for a real pampering today.  Emi, my daughter-in-law Eliza, and my dear fried Joan: there we were, the four of us, like pumpkins on a fence, all lined up for manis and pedis this morning at Graphic Nails.  It was complete luxury and a delightful reward for the hard work of living a healthier life.  About 55 days ago, my rewards were filled with sugar.  Cupcakes, candy bars, ice creams, brownies, mochas, pumpkin spice lattes, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate…  And I used plural words because I ate and drank plural amounts of copious foods to satisfy a hunger that could NOT be satisfied by sugar.

No more.  Instead I’m going to be good to my body.  So today my plan was to trade in rotten rewards for some respectable rewards…and I did.  I enjoyed delightful conversation with some of my favorite people in the world while being massaged, scrubbed, clipped and painted.  It was bliss!  Then off to a very healthy lunch with Emi and Joan.  (Eliza had a previous lunch commitment with Grandpa Toser.  Hi to Tom!)  Wildberry.  Do you know it?  Delicious, organic ingredients in dishes that you can build yourself.  I had a veggie, omelet, rye toast and fruit.  Now I’m home feeling completely sated and pampered.  It was a respectable reward, and  I am so grateful for this day.

Love to you and yours, dear readers.  Blessings on you, too.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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