Harvesting What I Sow

Day 47 in my marathon toward Mickey

I read an good article this morning by Shannon McAvoy about celebrating the harvest with your family.  She says:

“har·vest //ˈhärvist

  • the consequence of an effort or activity
  • the season for gathering crops
  • the gathering of a ripened crop…

The harvest is the time when you reap what you sow. ..Harvest time is a reward – a reward on time invested and an expected return.”

It got me to thinking.  Am I harvesting what I’ve sown in the last 47 days?

  1. Energy level–a bit better, more vitality
  2. Weight–several pounds down
  3. Outlook–rosier than it’s been in years, not so many ups and downs
  4. Eating Better
  5. Moving More
  6. Writing Everyday

Wow!  That is a splendid harvest indeed!  I am so grateful for this challenging journey, and for those of you who are following me on this quest!

Here’s today’s plan: I will actively take time to appreciate how far I’ve come, and to anticipate the next year in this journey.  I will reflect on these things when I do Tai Chi after work today.  And I will remember to thank God for his help and encouragement every step of the way.

I’m feeling reflective today, dear readers.  I hope this finds you at peace, and having a beautiful fall, harvest day, too.

Meet you at the Kingdom!




4 thoughts on “Harvesting What I Sow”

  1. What a wonderful writer you are, Donna. I enjoy reading about your journey with all the thoughtful messages. You have so many of us who are supporting you right now. Thanks for sharing and including me in the blog. I begin each day with your message and appreciate how much you inspire me! Love you!

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