Moaning to Mickey

Day 46 in my walk toward Mickey

Dear Mickey,

Mike and I had some amazing Norwegian salmon for dinner last night.  It was baked with garlic/black pepper seasoning.  Absolutely delicious, but it burned in my stomach.  Too much pepper for me, I guess.

I got my flu shot on Monday, and by last night my arm was a bit swollen and quite red and sore.

My elastic allergy has kicked in so I have several itchy spots on my body.

Because of the above three gripes, I did not sleep well last night.

Thank you for letting me get that off of my chest!  Meet you at the Kingdom!

Your friend,


PS: My plan for today is to meet with my health coach this afternoon, and brainstorm some new strategies.  And Mike and I will dine out tonight, so I will research the best options for me: sugar-free, low sodium, low fat.  Wish me luck.


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