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Ten Minutes and Thirty Seconds of Peace and Good Will

Day 358 in my contemplations on meeting Mickey

According to DIS at wdwinfo.com: it’s a small world–Ride Length: 10 minutes, 30 seconds

“The “legend” has it that if you ride it’s a small world at Disney World, the song will stay in your head forever, it’s a small world after all.  A lot of people claim this ride is just a cliché or is “just for kids.”  People will tell you that they avoid it like the plague. These are the same people that will turn around and moan that the Carousel of Progress should be saved, or that they never should have taken out Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Their reasoning is that these are Walt Disney’s Legacy…Let’s talk about that. Many of the older, or original if you prefer, attractions at Disneyland and Disney World have Walt’s touch. Walt and his team of Imagineers, led by artist and designer Mary Blair, created it’s a small world as tribute to the children of the world for the UNICEF pavilion at the 1964/65 World’s Fair. The Sherman Brothers, responsible for a big chunk of Disney music (ex. Mary Poppins) originally wrote the theme song as a ballad. Legend has it that Walt told them he needed something “peppy” that would last throughout the ride. “

it’s a small world is my favorite ride.  When I get to Walt Disney World, riding this ride is my sign that I can exhale and really begin my vacation.  It has always been my favorite ride here.  On our fourth trip to Walt Disney World, which was our second trip as Disney Vacation Club members, we invited my mom and dad and Mike’s mom along.  My dad was enjoying the vacation, but not really showing excitement about anything.  Then we rode it’s a small world, and everything changed.  As soon as we got off the ride he asked to go again.  🙂  And then on our last day of that trip, I asked my dad what he would like to do on his last day of this vacation.  His response?  “I want to go on it’s a small world.”  That cemented it for me.  It is now and will always be my favorite Walt Disney World attraction.

Meet you at the Kingdom!