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Tooth Matters

Day 89 in my moves to be healthier when I meet up with Mickey

My plan for today is to go to the dentist and have them work on making my smile healthier.  I leave work today at 2:30 for a dentist appointment.  Ironic, right?  2:30 & tooth hurty?  As a pre-diabetic, oral hygiene becomes rather critical, because any type of  infection takes much longer to heal.  So I will go to be poked and prodded and scolded and cleaned and humbled.  But my teeth will feel better (with a little time) when I’m done.

How is your smile, gentle readers?  I’m convinced that the world needs more smiles and less suspicious glances.  Let’s just do it.  Let’s just be so grateful for all God is and does that we smile more.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!