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Freaking Out

In only seven days I am on vacation and headed to Walt Disney World! Seven freaking days!!!

And speaking of freaking, I AM FREAKING OUT! When I was a little girl, my parents couldn’t tell me that we we’re going on vacation, because I would get so excited that I would throw up, or get diarrhea, and be sick with excitement. If they sprung the vacation on me last minute, then I didn’t have time to work myself up.

I have been planning this vacation for three years now. And just today I woke up with the butterflies in my stomach. That same queasy, unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach. I blame part of it on the fact that I’m flying n a week. I am not a great flyer. It makes me nervous every single time. But the rest of this queasiness comes from vacation excitement. I am so jacked!!!

Today I go to shop for a few last minute items, suntan lotion, bug spray, razors, deodorant, mole skin for blisters, Advil, Airborne, etc… I will make sure to walk around a lot at the store, to work off some of this negative energy.

And so, I go. Meet me at the Kingdom.


PS Happiest of birthdays to our dear friend Wayno!!! Love and blessings to you today!