Scared Straight

I’ve not written in a bit, but it’s time to get busy about it again. Here’s what has prompted my new resolve: I went to see my doctor last Thursday, and the results of my blood work and visit there were alarming and disappointing. My weight is up. My blood pressure is up. My glucose levels and my A1C results were astronomically high.

My doctor wants me to check my glucose daily, begin diabetes education and begin on daily insulin. She also wants me to increase my level of physical activity, and if there is no improvement in six weeks, then she wants me to see a heart specialist.

Argh! Now it’s difficult not to wallow in self pity; especially because I brought it all on myself with my sloppy lifestyle choices. BUT  I’ve decided to not do that. Instead I am going to keep asking the question, “What’s the next step?” For instance, my first answer is to test my blood twice daily for glucose levels: once when I first wake up in the morning and about two hours after dinner in the evening. Another step is to get my diabetes education class(es) scheduled OR begin my daily insulin, whichever my Doc helps get into place first.

I will ask myself that question many times a day. Perhaps my next step will be to eat a nutritious, balanced breakfast. Or to get up and walk around for five minutes, before I sit down again. Or to walk down the stairs to the basement and do some laundry. Or to check that my meal and snack portions are a healthy size and not king-sized.

How do I live this life in a manner that will be good to my body, mind and soul? I believe I have hit rock bottom, and my last check up has scared me straight. So luckily I am retired and can take the time to learn how to live my healthiest, most productive life from here on out. It might sound odd, but I’m actually happy to be here. I haven’t felt good for a while now, and now I know why. And I have an action plan taking form, so it feels very encouraging.

Well, I’m tired, so that’s it for today. Hang in there with me, dear reader. This life sure is an adventure, and I’m excited to see what form the future takes as I bring this all to God. I love him; I trust him. And I know that nothing can happen to me that he does not allow. Thanks be to God!



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