Lovely Day

Day 414 in being blessed on my way to meeting Mickey (16 days to go)

This morning I woke up early and went to worship with Mike and my bestie Jean. What a blessing! It is always twice the blessing when I get to sing and worship with Jean!  *sigh* (of contentment)

Plus she and I got our free flu shots today at church. Thanks to Advocate Health Care and Walgreen’s. Now we are ready for flu season. 🙂

Mike and I will grocery shop soon. (Healthy foods only please.) Then I’ll take my walk. And this evening Jake and Eliza will come for dinner. I will give them their Magic Bands and their luggage tags for Magical Express. Two weeks from this Tuesday we go to Walt Disney World!  I get so excited thinking about it!!

What a lovely day and what a lovely weekend!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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