Magical Express Madness

Day 403 in my stumbling toward meeting up with Mickey

Today I signed Mike and myself up for Magical Express, the Disney-provided (free) bus from Orlando International Airport to Disney’s All Star Sports Resort and then back to the airport again at the end of our brief December vacation.  And…I screwed it up completely.  Even though I entered that there will be two adults traveling, somehow at the end it only showed Mike as registered, with no mention of me.  So tomorrow I’ll call and try to get this all straightened out.  Sheesh!

And now I just want to mention my frustration at trying to book dining reservations for the December trip.  Minnie’s Holiday and Dine Dinner is completely sold out while we are there.  This is supposedly one of the least busy times of the year at Walt Disney World, and still no openings.  ARGH!  I’m starting to believe that there is no such things as “least busy times” at Walt Disney World.

Meet you at the Kingdom!



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