Taking Stock

Day 387 in getting re-energized on my way to meeting Mickey 

Today’s plan was to look back at my past blog posts.  I did and I am here to tell you that I am going to come up quite short.  

I had hoped to be able to walk 5 miles by the time we go to Walt Disney World. I can barely walk half a mile. I will be renting an electric wheel chair each day that we enter a park.

 I had hoped to have lost 70 pounds by the time we go. I’ll be lucky to make 55 pounds. 

Life has taken some difficult turns in the last year. Cancer beat me up pretty good, and I am left with some serious health issues that I am learning to manage: asthema, diabetes, high blood pressure and seven (yes, that’s 7) hernias. 

So here’s what I think: I am going to fail gloriously!  Because:

  1. I made it through cancer
  2. I weigh 50+ pounds less than I did a year ago. 
  3. I am starting a walking program again tomorrow. 
  4. I am sugar free for the first time in my life and have been for all but a few days this past year. 
  5. I’m eating more meals containing vegetables, lean proteins and complex carbs. 
  6. I just feel healthier than I did a year ago. 

And, hey, I am not giving up. I still have six weeks until the trip, and I am digging in deep. 

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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