You Want to Look Where?

Day 372 in getting healthier to meet up with Mickey

Today’s plan was to meet with my gastroenterologist and set up an appointment for my colonoscopy.  I had one a couple years back, but he is keeping an eye on things.  My appointment was for 2:00 pm and at 3:30 pm I was still waiting to see the doctor.  So frustrating.  I had to meet for this prescreening, because my doctor is with a different practice now.  Once the doctor was available and entered the room he chatted with me for fifteen minutes, going over any recent medical issues (ie. endometrial cancer), getting family history (no colon cancer in my family), etc…  He is a delightful person, I must admit.  I totally trust him with my, well, you know.  Next Wednesday it’s colonoscopy time again.  It’s pretty hard to get excited about that.  😦  But I know from a getting healthy perspective it’s a necessity.  *sigh*

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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