Running on Empty

Day 365 in my trek to the Mickster

Wow!  I have been blogging for a year! And what a year it has been. Things sure did get twisted and changed through the year. It started as an attempt to get into better shape for our trip to Walt Disney World this October. Then it morphed into my walk through endometrial cancer. And now it’s slowly morphing back to the original intent. 

My goal for today was to continue visiting with family and to not get into an argument with anyone. In general I don’t argue with our families, but I haven’t been sleeping well, so I’m on edge. The lack of sleep has to do with traveling. I often do not sleep well when we are away from home and our own very comfortable bed. Tomorrow we travel back home, and I can hardly wait to crawl into bed tomorrow night. 😴😴😴

Well, I made it, dear readers. no big blow up fights today. Yay!  And now I am going to sleep. Sweet dreams, all y’all. Meet you at the Kingdom!


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