Getting Ready

Day 357 in my journey to meet Mickey

This is a weekend of getting ready to attend a Taskila family reunion next weekend.  My niece is coming into town today (yay!) and will stay overnight.  Today will be dedicated to visiting with her, her significant other and her two puppies.  (It will mean major trauma for Mary Ann, our kitty.  but her life is too sedate with just Mike and I.)  🙂

Tomorrow morning Mike and I play in church.  After church, I’ll come home and get my proverbial ducks in a row.  I’ll get some laundry done, start packing, gather all the bits and pieces that I picked up to bring (two sizes of plates, forks, spoons, knives, napkins), plus we will bring Mike’s guitar and bass.  We will visit the U.P. (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where Mike and I were born and raised) for four nights.  We want to see as much family as possible.

So I won’t post tomorrow.  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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