Fun Finds

Day 338 in getting on with it on my way to meeting up with Mickey

Gosh!  I will have been blogging for a year very soon.  And once I get there the end is in site.  I will only blog until just beyond our trip in October.  Then it will be time to focus on retirement and preparing for that.  Wow!  The end is in sight.  Woo hoo!

Today’s plan was to finish yesterday’s plan.  I’m finishing up my mound of laundry.  And part of that laundry included my entire cupboard of dish cloths and dish towels.  The counter has been leaking and the entire cupboard is mildewed and smelly!  So today I folded all the salvageable, washed and dried towels, dish cloths and napkins.  (And we bleached the cupboard. Ewww!)

In the process of going through the towels I came across two Minnie Mouse towels.  Yay!  I put one out to use now, and the other will come out next.  It’s only three months until our trip now.  Fantastic!

Now I have one more basket of clean whites to fold, then I can chill until it’s time to make dinner.  It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Thank you, Lord!

Thank you for reading, dear friends!  Meet you at the Kingdom!


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