Day 252 in stumbling toward Mickey

Wow, am I ever getting preoccupied!  I completely forgot to blog yesterday.  Sorry about that. Blame it on the cancer.   I’m not sleeping very well, so I’m not running on all cylinders.  Between the stress of getting ready for the Cafe Chocolat Retreat next Saturday and then having surgery the following Monday, I have  a lot on my mind.

Yesterday I worked quite a bit on the retreat.  I worked on some of the minutiae in the morning, then I went and shopped for some of the supplies.  That was my plan, and that is what I did.

This taking on new responsibilities and stepping up to the plate is taking a toll on me, but I still think it’s a healthier way to live.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW:  I had a wonderful surprise when I got home from work yesterday.  My friends, the Carlson’s, sent me a Walt Disney World surprise.  It’s a Jack Skellington ornament, and it’s a lovely representation of our upcoming trip. It’s so cool!  It’s a high-heel with a bat, three pumpkins, two bones, etc… on it.  I love it!  When we finally get to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween, I’ll think of it for sure, and by association, I’ll think of the C’s!  Thanks, you guys!  That was such a sweet thing to do.  I really appreciate the boost and the smile!  Love yas!


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