Day 242 in my marathon toward Mickey

Today’s plan on my way to a healthier me–thyroid biopsy.  Check!  I think I’m done with tests now until my surgery at the end of the month…please, God.

A doctor performs a thyroid biopsy and the doc scheduled to do mine was called to the ER, so I waited an extra hour for my test.

Anatomy of a thyroid biopsy:

  1. Lay down on a skinny table with your neck hyperextended so they have easy access.
  2. Get throat swabbed with anti-bacterial swabs.
  3. Get throat painted with betadine antiseptic solution.  (At least I think that’s what the nurse called it.)
  4. Get a shot of 1% lidocaine in the neck.
  5. Have ultrasound guidance to find nodule.  (This involves pushing an instrument into the windpipe.)
  6. Have a needle inserted into the thyroid to remove samples of the nodule.
  7. And, in my case, sit up and become immediately nauseated.

Not fun.  BUT it’s behind me and I should get the results on Friday.

The odd thing is I kept singing Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah in my head the whole time.  🙂

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: Major break through with Kitty.  She let me pet her last night, and she actually purred for the first time since she’s been here.  Yippee!



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