Busy Day Done

Day 237 in my jaunt to join up with Mickey

What a busy day!  Up early and into work early, so I could leave at 9:15 to have lab work done.  Then back to work where I printed and stuffed a bazillion bulletins for Easter morning worship.  Then home for an hour to visit our new cat, Mary Ann (who we lovingly call Kitty).  Back to the church for a rehearsal with Damascus Road, our contemporary band.  Staying at church for the Maundy Thursday service.  Hanging around while Mike helped take the rails out from the altar, so the altar would be completely stripped for Good Friday.  A bite to eat at The Full Moon.  And finally crashed at home in my favorite chair.  Whew!  My plan for today was to just keep moving, putting one foot in front of the other, and surviving this busy day.  CHECK!  Day done!  Have a blessed Holy Week.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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