Thank Goodness for Small Mercies

Day 235 in my medical journey to Mickey.  Argh!

Today in order to get healthier I had an ultrasound on my thyroid.  It was not a fun half hour, but it is behind me.  My doctor just called to say that I need a biopsy on my thyroid, so we’ll schedule that tomorrow.

My surgery is being postponed.  I should have a new date soon.  My surgeon wants a general surgeon available because of the hernia issue.  It won’t be sooner than April 24th.

I discovered that our 180 days out from our trip to Walt Disney World hits on April 16.  If my surgery had stayed on the 15th, then I would have been in the hospital that morning.  Disney buffs know that once you have your room booked, at 180 days out you can make your reservations for dining.  Now I should be home to make those reservations.  It’s a small blessing, but I’ll take it!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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