Long Day

Day 216 in my marathon toward Mickey

Today’s plan was to wait.  Sometimes the waiting isn’t for something exciting, or something fun.  Sometimes the waiting is scary and uncertain.  My doctor sent me for some tests yesterday.  I am having some postmenopausal problems.  So today I waited for results.  All day.  Then at 4:30-ish I got the call.  No large obvious masses.  Ewww.  Right?  That is good news, but I’m still not in the clear.  So tomorrow it’s off to a specialist for a biopsy.  That just sounds like more fun than any one person ought to have, doesn’t it?  I’ll keep you posted.  Now to just void chocolate for the rest of the day.  I feel like I could eat a cake right now, but I’m not going to do that.  Instead I’m just going to gear up for the next steps, whatever they may be.  And in the meantime, I feel pretty darn good about my healthy choices!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


5 thoughts on “Long Day”

  1. I will continue to pray for this waiting period and the results, sister!
    Picture yourself in the hands of God … just resting in the feel of His presence, and the knowledge of His great love for you and the desire of a father to give his child only “good” gifts.
    Love, love, love ya!

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    1. Thanks, Jean. I feel very at peace and calm about it all. My favorite has always been Philippians 1:21. “For me to live is Christ and to die gain.” Either way God sustains me and is with me.


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