40 Pounds Down and What It’s Brought to Mind

Day 203 in my physical and mental meandering toward meeting Mickey (7 months and 16 days to go)

Today’s thought involves some realizations:

  1. You, Guys, my winter jackets are HUGE on me, and I love it.  Last winter I was seriously considering looking for a bigger vehicle, or possibly purchasing some seatbelt extenders, because between me, my winter coat, gloves, scarf, boots and hat I had a struggle to buckle up.  It was a problem every time I got into the car.  And the back seat seatbelts?  Not gonna happen!  I thought I was gonna stroke out just fighting with my seatbelt.  Now I sit down, click my belt and smile to myself.  I can even use the back seat seatbelts again,  It feels like a major victory.  Loving it!
  2. I wrote a post about my dad a few days back, and now I’ve realized that I’ve done the same thing to my family.  My overeating has affected our family much the same way as my dad’s drinking affected me.  Alcohol drove my dad, but food drove me.  So I want to publicly apologize to Mike, Jake and Emi.  And I want to publicly apologize to anyone else in my life that I may have hurt with my selfish ways.  I am sincerely sorry for any pain I may have caused you.  I love you, and I will strive to live my life in a manner that shows you that love.

So that’s the deal for today.  Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW: My sugar-free lifestyle has had the marvelous side effect of making me happier.  I dig it!


6 thoughts on “40 Pounds Down and What It’s Brought to Mind”

  1. Been following your blog,so proud & happy for you! I never had a weight problem & had a high metabism,until I ended up with thyroid disease & I now know how hard it is to lose weight! You go girl!!!!😊


    1. Thank you, Linda. I’ve struggled with my weight my whole life. Now that I’ve quit dieting and started making better choices, I’m finally losing weight in a way that works for me. It’s very livable. Thanks, for following, Linda.


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