Set Back

Day 149 in my struggles toward meeting Mickey

My plan for today was to hit the ground running this morning.  Into the 2015 fray, no looking back, forward motion.  Then I woke up with a fever and a very upset stomach.  It’s been a rough start to 2015 for the Jarvi household.  We seem to be picking up every possible bug going around.

So I stayed home and spent the day in bed and in the bathroom.  I’ll do my best to take care of myself today, and I will hope for a better tomorrow.

To quote one of my favorite movies, Tootsie, “I just have to feel this way until I don’t feel this way anymore.”

Meet you at the Kingdom!


One thought on “Set Back”

  1. Hope you get better soon. Gary is suppose to come home Thursday. Man, is it cold here. – 15 below this am and wind chill of -40. Trying to get Shylo to put her sweater on and bootees on to take her outside. She has to have them on when it is below Zero. tt


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