Not Feeling Better Yet

Day 143 in my delirious meandering toward Mickey

This is my second and last day of work this week, and my last day of work this year.  I am very grateful for my job, and I am blessed to have it.  I work with people I love and respect, and I work for people I am privileged to know and care about deeply (the congregation).

My goal for today is to make it through all those things that I absolutely need to get accomplished at work.  Then I want to go home and go back to bed.  I’ll drink plenty of fluids, and I’ll sleep as much as is humanly possible.

I hope for good health for you and yours, dear readers.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


3 thoughts on “Not Feeling Better Yet”

  1. Oh, bummer….I caught the cold yesterday….seems to be easing up now, tho.  Estella stayed in bed all day…she has it too. Rest, liquids & prayer, yah…they work WONDERS!!!   Take care… 

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  2. Gary said he woke up during the night and was stuffed up and got dizzy when doing PT today. Seemed alright this afternoon. Hope he doesn’t get anything right now. Putting restrictions at the hospitals now too. No one under 16 at all.


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