Giving It to God

Day 134 in my journey to see Mickey

This morning was a huge Lessons and Carols service at church.  We got to hear the story of Christ foretold and Christ arrived in Word and song.  It was a joyous, festive morning.  I am filled up with the grace of God and his miraculous gift to us.  Out of his birth and death and resurrection, we are gifted life.  Praise the name of the Lord!

My stomach is still dodgy, so my plan for today was to go to church and give this morning over to God, so that is what I did.  He never fails to be present, and I especially love meeting him in communion.   Blessed be the name of the Lord!

With the help of God, I made it through the service, and I was indeed blessed by it all.

Meet you at the Kingdom!

BTW:  We are traveling to the U.P. for Christmas this year.  I will have limited access to the internet.  I will do my best to post every day, but if I miss a day, then you will know why.  Cant’ wait to see our family and friends!!


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