100 Days In

Day 100 in my moves to be as healthy as possible when I meet up with Mickey at the Magic Kingdom

Holy wah!  100 days and 100 posts.  That is a real feat for me.

My plan for today is to take extra steps whenever possible.  For instance: we have a program called “Bethel New Life Family Christmas Program.”  Each year for the past 20 years, our church has provided gifts to help brighten Christmas for families living in Chicago’s Westside neighborhoods.  These are folks either receiving public assistance or working for minimum wage.  Mike and I signed up to provide gifts this year again.  So I ordered things from good-old Target.  Today three rather large, bulky boxes showed up.  I walked and got a dolly, stacked the boxes on the dolly, walked them out to my car, hefted the boxes into the car (in absolutely bitter cold winds!) and walked the dolly back to its place.  You get the idea.  Today I will embrace moving around more both at work and at home.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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