To Walk or To Walk and Do Weights…That Is the Question

Day 88 on my walk toward Walt Disney World and Mickey

Confession time again: My moving more plan has become somewhat sluggish.  Here are the reasons that I have been blaming it on:

  1. Due to my morbid obesity, even walking takes a toll on my joints.  I end up with aching hips, knees, ankles, and somehow even a shoulder.  Go figure, right?  Walking on hard surfaces is just plain painful.  (Remember: when I take a walk I am doing major “weight bearing” exercise.)  🙂
  2. The temperature change brings on a general sluggishness.
  3. The longer nights bring on a general sluggishness.

But I think I have just plain run out of steam for a moment.

So my plan for today was to investigate the cost of joining our local fitness center.  If I just join to walk on their wonderful track which is a suspended three-lane track, indoors and carpeted, then it is only $150 a year.  Not bad, right?

But if I want to use their workout machines, then it is $380 a year.  Now that’s just over one dollar a day.  And it would be a good idea to do some strength training a couple days a week, too.  Right?

I’m looking for opinions on this one.  I will talk it over with Mike (my wonderful hubby) tonight.  If I could get him to join, too, I’d go with his preference.  (BTW: So far he hasn’t shown any interest in a gym-type membership.)  What do you think?  Please weigh in; it would be very helpful.  Thanks!

Meet you at the Kingdom!


4 thoughts on “To Walk or To Walk and Do Weights…That Is the Question”

  1. I joined the fitness center yesterday just to walk the track. Thought that would be good for the winter months. I hope to go back to Curves in the spring. For seniors the cost of the track is $25 per year. I don’t know what the age requisite for senior is. I walked the track yesterday and did four rounds for my first time. She suggested that I take today off and walk again tomorrow; I plan to do just that after sewing.

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