Day 73 in making my way to Mickey

Well, I am back at work today, but I still don’t feel well.  So my plan for today is to eat a healthy, bland diet today and this evening.

I love the fall, but I’m not really a Halloween (All Hallows Eve) fan.  All Saints Day is my holiday of choice just now.  There’s too much room for evil this time of year.  There are all kinds of TV programs about ghosts and witches and serial killers and weird unexplained things.  But I have to push through this season to get to the seasons of giving thanks and celebrating our Savior’s birth.

Plus, there is candy everywhere I turn!  And all sorts of other Halloween goodies!  Argh.

Anyway…on I go, still sugar-free, marching forward and hoping for a better day tomorrow.

Meet you at the Kingdom!


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