Recipes for Success

“Welcome home.”  These are the words that greet us as we check in at Old Key West, our timeshare (sort of) at Walt Disney World.  This morning I long for those words.  I’m a little sore, a little tired, a little uninspired; however, I am not discouraged.  I chalk it up to coming down off of my long-term sugar high.  I am low-energy today.  So I will be gentle with myself.

When I spoke with my health coach last Thursday, we came up with two goals for the next three weeks.

  1. For every hour that I sit, I will get up and move for 5 minutes.
  2. I will research and prepare new sugar-free recipes for dinner for Mike and I.

Yesterday I accomplished # 1 and will continue in that vein today.

Today here’s the plan: I will research sugar-free recipes online and find 4 new recipes.  I will print them.  I will prepare a grocery list to shop for needed items tomorrow.  AND I will cull some of the UNhealthy, sugary food from my pantry.  (I ate most of it before I started all of this last Monday.)  🙂  But I still have some cereal and bread where sugar is the second or third ingredient listed.  Since the ingredients are listed by volume (or is it weight?  I’ll look that up.), I want sugar no higher than four on that list.

It’s been a busy work week, dear readers, both at the office and at home, so let’s be gentle on ourselves today and do something fun.

Meet you at the Kingdom.


Starting to Mo-o-ove

Day 6 in the quest to walk with Mickey.  OK, here’s what I want to do in October 2015:

  1. Get into and out of the rides at Disney with no fear.  It’s a Small World is my favorite ride in Disney World; it was my dad’s, too.  You’re thinking, “No sweat,” right?  But it is very low, and my knees and legs are currently very big.
  2. Walk from the bus stop at Epcot to Spaceship Earth without needing a wheelchair or oxygen.  🙂
  3. Walk from our villa to the board walk at Old Key West without a cane, and without constantly looking for a place to sit down.
  4. Ride one roller coaster that I’ve never ridden before, maybe Rockin’ Roller Coaster.
  5. And more…

So here’s today’s plan: Today I am going to move more.  Every hour, I am going to stand up and walk or complete a task while standing.

I have been extremely sedentary for the last year, especially.  And I know why.  My mom died a year ago and the day we got back from her funeral, Mike received his diagnosis of prostate cancer.  I spiraled into a deep depression, that has only recently lifted and released me from its grasp.  Thank you, Jesus!  Now I have a renewed energy for life and would like to finish strong.  So with the help of the aforementioned Jesus and my inborn sisu and your support, I will move more today.

Still sugar-free.  The correct title of the book that I mentioned yesterday is “Trim Healthy Mama.”  Had a great talk with my health coach yesterday.  I’ll say more about that later.

Love and blessings to you, dear readers.  Meet you at the Kingdom.

PS: Title reference:  I rock like a cow, when I go to get up from a sitting position.  🙂  Ya gotta laugh, right?

Mayo Clinic Health Coaching


Day 5 in the trek to a healthier mind and body for me (and Mickey).  🙂    I did my Tai Chi last night.  I had it wrong though.  The dvd is in 20, 40 or 60 minute increments.  I did 20 minutes of sit-down Tai Chi, then I did 6 minutes of “Shake Weight.”

Are you laughing now?  There’s something about the motion of that exercise device that is a little naughty.  🙂  But, I can sure feel it in my arms today.

Today’s Disney Dreams step is talking to my new health coach.  I know…who can afford that right?  Again through my benefits at work (I am a secretary in an ELCA church), I qualify for a personal health coach.  Here’s why: weight, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes.  Not a very fun trifecta!  However, I am going to make use of that free resource!

Here’s what they say: “You qualify for Mayo Clinic Health Coaching. Take advantage of this phone-based service at no cost to you and let an experienced coach help you reach your health goals. You choose the health areas most important to you — then team up on an action plan personalized to your life. You’ll learn proven techniques to change habits for good and get help with challenges along the way.”

Here’s the plan: Talk to my health coach for one half hour today, and set up an action plan.

And I am still sugar-free.  The headache is subsiding.  Only a dull ache now.  🙂

A special shout out to my bestie, Jean, for sending me the book, “Trim Healthy Mama.”  I am so blessed and grateful to have you in my life!!  Love you.

Thanks for caring enough to read.  Meet you at the Kingdom.


Day 4 in the trek to party with Mickey.  “Eighty miles an hour through Baton Rouge and he’s on the other side.  Finally gonna see my baby tonight.”  I wrote a song that includes these lyrics in 1996.  The “my baby” that it refers to is Mickey Mouse.  Oh, yes, we were on our way to Walt Disney World.  I am simply mad about the Mouse!

I am hanging on to that love extra hard today.  BECAUSE I am still going sugar-free and moving the gear last night kicked my butt big time.  I am quite headachy, sore and pooped.

So here is the plan for today:

30 minutes of sit-down Tai-Chi as the sun sets into the west this evening.  (Thank you, Oprah!  She had a show on Tai Chi a while back, and I immediately ordered the dvd.  A very versatile dvd, with instructions for 20 minutes, 30 minutes or 60 minutes–standing or sitting.)

Should be good to start being more purposeful about stretching and flexibility.  I am so relaxed after I complete the Tai Chi.  Kinda love it.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  Meet you at the Kingdom.

Grunt Work

Hiya Donna supporters and Disney fans,

Here we are on Day 3.  I did manage to remain Sugar-free yesterday, and I have the headache to prove it.  🙂  Now I aim to get through today and the rest of this week….wait, nope, I have to just think about today.  I can stay sugar-free today.

Today’s getting ready for Disney deed is pure, unadultered grunt work.  They put new windows in my office at work yesterday, so it looked as though a mini-tornado had ripped through the room.  Today I grunted my file cabinet back into place, I groaned and pushed my desk back into place, I carried everything back to my desk and arranged it in working fashion.  I am woman; hear me roar!  🙂

Tonight Mike (my husband) and I will move all of the contemporary band stuff out of the sanctuary at church, because they will clean and seal the floor on Monday.  It might not be cardio, but I can tell you, my heart will be beating overtime tonight.  It will be a good muscle workout, too.  And that, my friends, will be plenty for today.

See you at the Kingdom.

Going Sugar-Free

Hiya, Disney-hipsters and Donna supporters,

Day 2 here I come.  I faced the music this morning and stepped on the scale for the first time in many months.  Woo!  Talk about shock.  I’ve heard it said that the truth hurts.  I believe it!  However, I need a baseline to begin from.  I won’t step on the scale for another month.  My changes are not so much about the scale, as about how I feel.

Today’s change is going sugar-free.  I am blessed to have a support program through my insurance.  It’s a Mayo Clinic program under the umbrella of Portico Benefit Services.  I have signed up for a 2014 Wellness Activity.  It is appropriately titled “Break a Habit: Go Sugar-Free.”  Here’s what they say about it: “Eliminate foods with more than a tiny amount of added sugar–desserts, condiments, sweetened drinks, etc.  If you want something sweet, eat fresh fruit.  WHY?  Refined sugar has calories but no nutritional value.  Yet it’s increasingly part of the American diet and a contributor to the increase in obesity.”

Really?  In my mind it’s the largest level in the food pyramid.  🙂  Just kidding, but it truly is my biggest addition.

Here’s the plan:

  1. I will go sugar-free today.
  2. I will go sugar-free for one week.
  3. I will go sugar-free for four more weeks.

Hopefully by then, it will be out of my system.  then I’ll choose another Habit to make or break.  Help me Jesus!

See you at the Kingdom.

Donna’s Destination Disney–A New Beginning

I’m Donna and I have a delicious goal.  I want to work to be healthier and in better shape for my trip to Disney World in October 2015. There.  I’ve said it.  It’s down in black and white.

I LOVE Disney World.  I become a little girl again, and it is such a blessing to share this experience with my family.  There are 6 of us…until the grand-babies start to come along.  🙂 My husband Mike, my son Jake and his wife Eliza, my daughter Emi and her husband James, and me.

“You’ve got tons of time,” you think.  But here’s is my dilemma.  I am 58 years old and morbidly obese.  If,  I can’t turn myself around, then I will not be able to walk enough to truly enjoy the parks.  I do not currently have the mobility, nor the flexibility, to become that Disney child again.

So here is my plan.  I want to do one thing every day for the next 14 months to get ready for Disney World in October 2015.   Today is Day 1, and I am starting this blog.

Can I do it?  We’ll see.  Maybe, by the grace of God and with some hard work every day, I can revel in each minute of our Disney vacation.

Thanks for reading.  Meet you at the Kingdom.


Pilgrimage to better health to meet Mickey. A 14 month Quest.